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- full band or single artist productions, including recording, mixing and mastering
- solo recordings of single instruments or artists
- music production from rock to techno
- editing and quantizing of recorded drums or percussion
- drumprogramming
- Correction of vocal recordings
- mixing
- mastering
- sound design
- music and sounds for websites
- voice recordings (f.e. audio-books, radio jingle)
- remix productions
- film scoring
- "Karaoke" Recording for Anniversary or Birthday etc.
- outdoor and live-recordings up to 8 channels

From complete band or solo-recordings, mixing, mastering, sound design to Midiproduction, everything is possible. Our 2 recording rooms offer variable room sounds and ambients, based on their different size and construction. In those rooms we can record vocals, drums/percussion, guitar/bass, brass, strings or any other instrument. During those recordings we only use high quality microphones and cables.

Concerning equipment we like to use the best of both worlds:
analog and digital, which provides the best flexibility. If it's either the high end EQ/compressor, the digital emulation of old vintage equipment or even some really innovative tools of novel digital sound editing abilities, it's just at your fingertips.
For example, when you have some passages in your song, where the recording of the vocals was not that tight in timing, we are able to correct that. Even if ypu played a bit fat during your (let's say) saxophone recording it is absolutely no problem to get you into the "right" pitch afterwards. Or you want to add some samples, sounds or atmospheres to your track? We have a big library of sounds, so there are no boundaries in felixibility and creatitvity.

Furthermore we offer mixing services, which gives you the opprtunity to send us your self recorded material, just to get it professionally mixed using our years of experience and very high quality equipment. It means simply to achieve a bigger and better sounding result. Of course you can complete that mix with a final mastering in our studios, just to provide the best possible sound for promoting or releasing your music.

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