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Mastering is the most underrated and vitally important final stage in the CD/record production or distribution through the internet. It's the last creative step and the first technical step of relaying your music to the listener, regardless of release or broadcast format. 

The creative part is to support the musical content of your productions by enhancing your sound-properties, to bring out the important elements and to lower unwanted or interfering parts or freuqencies. It's the ultimate polishing and optimizing treatment to your music, which differs your production to others. Like we do in general during the whole music production, we only use the finest high quality equipment for the mastering procedure as well.

The technical side mentioned earlier means for example: to clean up your mixes of unwanted artifacts (like clicks, noise etc.), fade ins and outs of the tracks, setting of the individual pause length and to assure a technically correct master which contains all necesary data (PQ-Codes, ISRC codes, CD text and more) and has been checked by us for errors. For digital releases we will provide the separate audio files in any requested format. These are only a few steps of the technical steps during the mastering process.

Below you`ll find a short summary of our

Mastering Features:

- Mastering of your final stereo mixes, either recorded or bounced from your DAW
- Stem Mastering (Mastering of several subgroup mixes)
- Online Mastering
- Mix Check
- EQ'ing (optimizing the frequency range)
- Dynamic processing (using either compressor and/or limiter)
- M/S (Mid/Side) Processing
- Stereo field processing
- Enhancing
- Phase correction
- Declicking/Denoising/Dehumming, restoring old recordings
- Reordering of the track running order and setting of track IDs
- Fade In / Fade Out of the tracks
- Mixing (f.e. Mix-Compilation with no pauses)
- Cleaning and setting of individual pause length
- CD -Text* or other Metadata Insert 
- Enhanced CDs (CDs with f.e. audio+video)
- Total control of mastering results by downloading preview files for
  you to check before final stage
- CD-burning in Red-Book or Blue-Book-Standard
- Listening-Control of the master made by us
- You are receiving a tested and an industry-standard-printable
  premaster CD + reserve CD
- Creation of a DDP 2.0 disc image as production master with direct
  upload to the designated pressing company
- Download a 1:1 copy of the complete disc image of the master CD
  or the separate audio-files in any requested format (wav, mp3 etc.)
  for digital release
- All mastered tracks will be archived

Please contact us for further information !

*Notice: Not all CD players or player software is able to read or generate CD-text!
            More info here!