Additonally to our "normal" mastering we offer our so called:

Online Mastering Service.

This means you are able to use our secure server to upload your original files and to download the mastered files after the mastering process is finished. This is really nice for customers who don't want to rely on the normal post or who have a really urgent mastering to be done and there's not enough time to send it via post, UPS etc. So this is a real alternative, which is offering a much more direct, reliable and comfortable way of sending us your files for mastering. 

This kind of file transfer doesn't effect the quality of your audio-material at all, because transferred data via TCP/IP or other standard-protocols doesn't have any loss of data. The data will be transferred numerical identically, you can say it's a hundred percent 1:1 copy of the original file, without any audible artifacts or other errors. So, you really don't need to be concerned about that at all...

To use this service you just need an internet-connection (required: ADSL or faster) and a customer-account for the log-in area

The customer area at this website is giving you (after registration is confirmed) the opportunity to easily upload your files and place an order for our mastering service which contains all necessary and needed information for us to be able to start. The customer area also includes some special features for registered users only like:  keep your personal user information up to date, download the newest price list and many more...

After we have received your order and you have completed upload of your original files, the normal mastering-procedure will take place! (check Mastering-Service).

When mastering is done you will receive a download link for the preview snippets of all songs. Regarding these snippets you can judge the mastering results and let us know if you are happy with it or if you want changes. So at all times you have the total control regarding the mastered results. As soon as you confirmed the results the mastering procedure will be finished.

When the mastering is done, you can download the separate audio-files or even the 1:1 copy of the complete mastered CD as a DDP-image for listening check or promotional/private copies. At the same time we can send you the master CDs for pressing via post (or Fedex, UPS etc.), because the CDs are tested by us and are special CD-ROM brands with maxiumum quality and very low error rates to ensure a simple and easy process in the pressing company. By the way, of course we also can send the CDs straight to the pressing company.

Alternatively we can create a DDP 2.0 disc image (which is more common nowadays) and upload it straight to the pressing company you have consulted. They can use the DDP image as the production master with no need to send physical CD Master via normal mail. This is much faster and saves shipping costs. The DDP format is a very professional and secure way of transferring the production master through the internet because the specifications presume a checkable and totally reliable transfer of the data. So data integrity and a 100% secure manufacturing will be provided at any time. One of the biggest advantages of this method is to be able to transfer a production master within hours to any pressing company in the world (who accepts this format - please ask your pressing company!). Definitely an option when you're in a hurry.

In case you simply want to release your tracks via digital distribution through the internet and don't want to press CDs for this matter, of course we can provide all separate mastered tracks in any requested formats.

Please also check our F.A.Q. section, where you might find some useful tips and hints concerning the mastering service and procedure. 

In case of further questions please contact us here!