Welcome at 4CN-Studios!

Here you can find all necessary information concernig our

Mastering and Music Production services.

Thanks to several years of knowledge and experience using analog and digital high-end equipment, we can provide you professional CD and Vinyl Mastering 
at the highest level.

We offer you the full spectrum from traditional mastering for physical media
like CD or vinyl up to special mastering offers for online distribution or promotion.
The growing demand for compressed user formats like MP3, AAC, WMA etc.
makes it necessary (the same like vinyl mastering does) to provide some special professional treatment to improve your production for the specific listening situations. We make sure that your music sounds the best it can in all environments, if it is either your MP3-Player, your stereo at home or on p.a. systems.

Your production will receive increased transparence, more substance and the necessary amount of punch, which you will never want to miss again in the presentation of your music.
Please check out our Online-Mastering-Service as well, where you are able to handle your orders completely online and exchange audio-files via our Mastering-FTP-Server. The most comfortable and quickest way of processing the procedure and transferring files for the mastering process.

Concerning music production we cover the complete range from professional instrument and vocal recordings, either in external environments or in our in-house recording rooms, up to electronic sound design and midi-productions. Even if you only want to improve your own recorded material with the right mix, 4CN-Studios is the right place. With our Know-How and our flexible adaptable equipment on the newest state of technology we can help you, to bring out the very best of your music!